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Open doors and provide opportunities to life-long learners.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide educational opportunities as unique as each of our learners. We strive to meet our students where they are by providing achievable goals while building a community of rapport that honors them as individuals, values each student’s diverse learning style, and fosters growth.


At Zuni Middle School, the following beliefs guide our work:

  • We believe every student has the potential to learn.
  •  We believe every person who interacts with a student is a teacher.
  • We believe learning differently demands that we teach differently.
  • We believe the responsibility for pedagogical decisions lies with individual teachers.
  • We believe all teachers should have the necessary resources for implementing the curriculum.
  • We believe parent partnerships are an essential component in the pursuit of academic and social development.
  • We believe we must encourage students to learn about learning and to form their own understandings in a search for intellectual autonomy.
  • We believe we must impart to our students a sense of moral responsibility for their thoughts and actions pertaining to the A:shiwi Core Values